Shoshanah Mercado, Ed.S

Licensed and Certified School Psychologist


As a licensed and certified school psychologist, I am trained to administer psychological assessments to identify giftedness, learning disorders, emotional and behavioral disorders, Aspergers/Autism, ADHD, cognitive impairments and processing deficits.
In addition to identifying issues that may impact children and adolescent success, I am also able to provide interventions to address learning or behavioral issues, and counseling that focuses on anxiety, depression, study skills, and coping skills.
I have worked with kids and teens in grades K-12 for the past 7 years, as well as college age adults,  and absolutely love what I do! Helping kids be successful in school is a passion of mine and to do that I believe in addressing the whole child.

Learning Disabilities and ADHD

 School should not be a place of torture and misery. If your child is struggling, there may be something impacting their success. Every one learns differently, and discovering how your student learns is the key to a happy and successful educational 



Is your child bored in school? Does he/she love to discover and learn new things? Determining giftedness may unlock opportunities that will last a lifetime. 

Social and coping skills

Many children and teens struggle with the challenges that life presents. Learning how to appropriately engage with others and/or cope with adversity is crucial to overall happiness and success in life.