Shoshanah Mercado, Ed.S

Licensed and Certified School Psychologist

I have been practicing as a school psychologist for a total of 9 years and currently work full time for Flagler County Public schools. Knowing that my career would involve working in public schools, I decided to work as a 7th grade Language Arts teacher while attending graduate school for school psychology. I wanted to have first hand experience within the learning environment before taking on a role of support to teachers and students. It proved to be an invaluable experience for me, as I am better able to grasp the needs of both student and teacher. Prior to that, I spent time working for a non-profit organization focused on violence prevention in inner-city schools. My experiences have afforded me an arsenal of tools to help kids and young adults be successful in school and in life. 

Although I am happily employed by a public school district, I see a need for more supports that go above and beyond what the school system is able to provide within the constraints of the school day. I seek to provide those supports in whatever capacity is necessary, be it assessments, simple screenings, or in depth counseling. I am also willing to work with families on cost and offer a sliding scale to make these supports accessible for all. 

In addition to the aforementioned, I  also coordinate with parents as appointed by the Court to work with high-conflict divorced parents as they try to co-parent and make decisions about their children.