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Psychoeducational Assessments

A full psycho-educational battery usually includes an IQ, academic, processing, and, possibly, a behavioral screening. What specific assessments are used will depend on the referring issues. Typically, identified areas of need are learning struggles (reading and/or math), behavior issues, trouble with memory and retention, etc.  

Gifted Testing

Gifted identification typically requires an overall IQ of 130, as demonstrated on a standardized and normed intellectual assessment. I am able to test children from the ages of 4+. Your child's school district will likely also require completion of a characteristics checklist.


There are three types of ADHD; hyperactive/impulsive, inattentive, and combined type. If your child is struggling to focus and/or maintain control of his/her behaviors, ADHD could be the cause or it could be due to something else. It is important to ascertain what is causing the behaviors because many of the symptoms overlap with other issues. Inattentiveness and hyperactivity could be due any number of things (anxiety, depression, unidentified academic issues, etc). An evaluation will help you and your child's teacher identify the characteristics of ADHD evident in your child and, based on that feedback, a report will be written and provided to you. It will also contain recommendations for accommodating your child in the classroom. I also evaluate for adult ADHD.

Homeschool Evaluation/Portfolio Review

Homeschool parents in the state of Florida are required by law to show proficiency on an annual basis to their local school district. I am able to offer progress monitoring assessments to show academic growth or, because I hold a valid Florida teaching certificate, simply review your child's portfolio (grades k-12) and sign off that they are making adequate progress. If your child is struggling in the virtual learning environment, I can provide parent support and consultation to help determine what might be going on and create a learning plan to support them at home. This can be done via zoom or in person, depending on your personal needs.

Consultation and Training

Often, private schools and homeschooling parents don't have access to the resources that may be afforded to those in the public school setting. Consultations can include training for parents or teachers on academic and/or behavioral strategies,  review of data to identify areas for improvement, and general problem solving surrounding teaching and learning. 

Forms of payment accepted are Cash and Check, or other forms of electronic payment are also accepted, such as Venmo and PayPal.  I am unable to accept insurance, but I am happy to work with you and offer sliding scales and/or payment arrangements. I am also a provider for Gardiner Scholarship.

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