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Hello and thank you for visiting Dancing in the Rain Psychology! I am a licensed and certified school psychologist in private practice. My practice embraces the idea that joy and success can be found even in the most difficult situations. Learning disabilities, ADHD, and other neuro divergences are not easy and have a significant impact on everyday life, especially when undiagnosed. However, having the correct diagnosis and toolsets for coping with these challenges can truly make all the difference and help an individual find success. My services include psychoeducational testing and assessments to identify giftedness, learning disabilities, emotional and behavioral disorders, Autism, ADHD, cognitive impairments, and processing deficits. Evaluations can also provide evidence that accommodations are needed for standardized assessment at the college level.


Identifying individual needs is just part of the solution. In addition to identifying issues that may impact children and adolescent success, I am also able to provide interventions to address learning or behavioral issues, and training for teachers and parents. Homeschooling parents may utilize my services to conduct assessments for annual reviews, guide their children's learning goals, or simply review portfolios as required by FL state law. 


Currently, virtual learning has become a more widely chosen method of education. I can work with parents to address a variety of needs that may arise such as; identifying motivation issues vs academic deficits, how to see warning signs of anxiety and depression, time management, organization, and planning in virtual learning settings. These services are available face-to-face as well as zoom.


Learning Disabilities and ADHD

School should not be a place of torture and misery. Everyone learns differently, and discovering how your student learns is the key to a happy and successful educational experience​! This includes adult learners, as many adults struggle in college and need current assessments to get support.


Is your child bored in school? Does he/she love to discover and learn new things? Determining giftedness may unlock opportunities that will last a lifetime.

Consultation Services

Whether you are a parent or an educator, the expertise of a school psychologist can greatly support your efforts to help learners. A consultation could include reviewing current teaching and intervention methods, team or parent training, portfolio review, and more. 

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